VV Week

Making a difference together!

We created the VV Week to help in a more direct and effective way some the beautiful and destitute communities that we discover in our travels. Through our contacts and intimate relationship with NGOs and Social Projects from all over the world, we have identified some large problems and necessities. And we have decided to be a part of the solution!


In partnership with the private sector, we have Created, Organized and Produced different workshops in some of these less favored regions. Our goal is to give professional capacitation to individuals that will be able to transform their own realities and of those of their communities.


Your company, together with VV, can show that it is possible to make a real difference in the world we live in!


How the VV Week works:


– We identify a crucial problem in one of the locations where we are present.

– Together with our partner NGOs and our network of contacts, we assemble Workshop Weeks according to the specific needs identified.

– We seek Partners/Encouragers to support the VV Week.

– VV executes the whole production according to the participation models desired by the Partner Company.

The result is Partner Company Week + Volunteer Vacations, which will leave a positive and lasting legacy in a community in a situation of extreme need. A documented example of how we, together, can make a difference!