Volunteer Vacations

Volunteer Vacations has researched, met, analyzed, catalogued and established partnerships with some of the most relevant NGOs in the world to be able to offer to individuals of various profiles a short-term experience in an humanitarian aid organization. We take care of all the planning and bureaucracy and assemble with you an experience capable of combining entertainment and the personal fulfillment of cooperating with an important cause for our planet.

An excellent opportunity to go on a international or national trip, discover different cultures, do good, be in contact with some of humankind’s great questions and to make a difference for a better world. All according to your taste, skills and in complete safety. One day you’ll be plunging into the refreshing blue waters of a paradisiac beach, on another cooperating with an agricultural project in the heart of Africa. After a week of shopping in the most modern shopping malls of Asia, what about feeding milk to abandoned elephants in Thailand? Or, who knows, walking through Rio de Janeiro’s slums to help the cute children of an orphanage, discovering another side of Brazil’s reality, afterwards celebrating your experience with a cold beer in a roda de samba?

We want to combine traditional vacations to the possibility of making a difference, enriching the travel experience in a way few people imagine being so pleasant: helping others!




Volunteer Vacations (VV) has realized that the world is increasingly sensitive towards social issues, connected with others and concerned about the future of mankind. Companies and individuals have generally started to realize de importance and the value of simply doing good. Driven by this desire, the concept of “volunteer vacations” has grown immensely in recent times.

The duration of the trips we propose is less than a month, what is called short-term volunteering. A small period that provides great help! Nothing stops this volunteer experience from being combined with your traditional vacation trip, focused on discovering another culture or amazing landscapes. This style of travel is so interesting, entertaining and rewarding that its growth has already prompted the creation of a new concept of tourism: voluntourism.

Voluntourism is this type of pleasure trip that includesvolunteer work focused towards helping any significant cause. It’s conscious travel! The profile of the tourist who undertakes this sort of trip is diverse, but usually they share the wish to “do good”while they discover incredible destinations that are usually off the traditional itineraries. Volunteer Vacations’work is exactly to provide this experience in the manner most fitting your profile, with complete safety and insuring that your trip will be, indeed, unforgettable. A bit of adventure spirit, admiration for different cultures and an enormous desire to make a difference! That is all you need to have an experience that may change your life - and those of many others!


Alice Ratton received her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from PUC-Rio (2008) and holds a Master of Chemistry degree from the Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME, 2012), with a focus on renewable energy processes. She has worked for TRANSPETRO in the ducts technical-operational sector and for Gaia in the oil trading sector. In 2008 she joined the sustainability sector of Ernst & Young as a risk management consultant. She gave remedial classes as a volunteer at the União da Casa da Criança educational center in 2010. In 2012 she joined LVA where she worked as an engineer in projects for sustainable urban development. In 2013 she associated with the VV group as the company’s financial officer.


Mariana Serra, co-founder and creator of the VV concept is a lecturer who majored in International Relations at ESPM-RJ. She published an article in 2009 on the importance of education for the country’s development in the Jornal da ESPM, was an assistant to Brazil’s former Minister of Foreign Relations Luis Felipe Lampreia and worked with institutional relations at Andrade Gutierrez. In love with travelling, she has lived in New Zealand and Tahiti, where she began her involvement in humanitarian actions. She recently volunteered for projects in India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Tanzania and Kenya where she worked in the largest urban slum in the continent at an orphanage, caring for children with AIDS and tuberculosis. In February 2015 she trained more than 300 Kenyan entrepreneurs during the VV Week of Entrepreneurship, together with Vem Gerir. Currently is involved in social projects in Brazil and is attending an MBA course on Business Management at Instituto Brasilero de Mercado e Capitais (IBMEC). Mariana was selected in 2016 for the list FORBES 30 ABAIXO DE 30 as one Brazil’s most promising entrepreneurs below 30 years of age.

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André Fran, director, writer and lecturer. Best known as one of the creators and host of the series “Não Conta lá em Casa”, by Multishow (GLOBOSAT). In the program, Fran travels with three friends through the most polemical and unexpected destinations in the globe, something which has led him to North Korea, Haiti, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Iraq – among others – where he has discovered various projects and humanitarian organizations. Fran also contributes to the newspapers O Globo, Viagem & Turismo, the magazines Trip, Vizoo, Vice and has released his first book (“Uma viagem pelos destinos mais polêmicos do mundo”) in 2013, through the Record publishing house. In addition, he often presents lectures on his experiences at schools, universities, companies and events – such as the well-known TEDx