All you wanted to know about VV but was afraid to ask… 😉


What is Volunteer Vacations?
The opportunity to do a traditional vacation trip combined with the opportunity to help, directly, a social project of your choice.

Why would I do a “volunteer vacation”?
The world is increasingly realizing the importance and urgence of acting upon humanitarian, social and sustainability issues. Recent studies have proven the huge benefits of volunteer work, not just for those who receive its help but also for the volunteers as well!

Why choose VV?
Because we have specific knowledge of: volunteer tourism, off the charts destinations, adventure and travel itinerarys, humanitarian aid, social projects and the establishment of partnerships of the most relevant and thrustworthy NGOs in this sector.

But do I have to pay to be a volunteer?
Actually, the work itself is voluntary (that is, free). The fees correspond to our curatorship services for selecting our NGO partners, our consultancy services, the preparations we make for your trip, our mediation with the organizations involved, the local support, the direct contact with our team and a donation which is set independently by the NGOs themselves. These fees help to sustain these NGOs and their work of extreme value and importance. Oh, also your Volunteer Vacations t-shirt and VV’s Travel Guidebook!

Is this really safe?
Yes. As safe as any other traditional vacation trip. Our NGO partners have a global reputation and develop programs that hold the safety of their international volunteers as one of their major concerns. When all is said and done, volunteers are also the ambassadors for them and their causes throughout the world.

How do I pay?
We use the well-known PagSeguro system, where you can pay with a bank ticket or credit card. All very clear and with complete safety as you can see HERE.

Why be a volunteer abroad?
The whole world has problems and needs people willing to help. Whether it is the abandoned children in Haiti, the endangered turtles of Costa Rica or the orphans of Africa. We believe that any form of live deserves to be preserved, respected and cared for, regardless of nationality, color, religion or age. “Do good for its own sake.”

Can I be a volunteer with a relative or a group of friends?
Yes! That is one of the most fun and thrilling ways to travel, discovering different cultures and having fun while you make a difference. An experience you’ll remember for your whole life!

Do I need specific qualifications to be a volunteer?
No specific education is necessary to contribute with your good will and your volunteer work power. But we seek to, alongside yourself, identify and suggest the options which fit your profile best, thus improving the overall experience for all involved.

I’m in love with the project I was a part of! Can I make a donation?
More than one! In the most transparent way possible, we facilitate the channel between you and your preffered NGO, allowing bonds to be tightened, follow-ups and donations to be made within the molds allowed by the organization.

Do I need travel insurance to do my Volunteer Vacation?
Yes. You can choose an insurange company or you can ask for a quote from our partner company (Bruck Seguros).

How long in advance should I book and pay for my trip?
We don’t have a deadline for registration, but our advice is that you book and pay for your trip when you have confirmed the date. This will allow us to help you to better prepare for your trip abroad, putting you in contact with our local partners and sending you an informative document prepared by us. The vacancies at each program are limited, depending on the destination and NGO the desired date won’t always be available. The more in advance you contact us the better, but usually we recommend to start planning your trip two months before.

I was thinking of staying at the NGO itself, to profit more from the experience. How is the food and accomodation?
Each NGO has its own specifications regarding food and accomodation which are relayed in detail to the volunteer.

Do I need to speak the local language? My Swahili (the language of Kenya) is a bit rusty…
Each destination and NGO has specific needs, but usually english is enough. Besides, of course, the universal language of signals coupled with goodwill.

Besides working as a volunteer will I be able to get to know the tourist attractions?
Absolutely! It’s part of the experience. Differently from exchange programs, Volunteer Vacation is the perfect marriage between a traditional trip to discover and enjoy a culture and the possibility of helping to make the world a better place.

I’m not Brazilian but I would like to work as a in Brazil, is that possible?
Yes, my friend. You can check our brazilian partners!
Do I need a visa to travel to my country of choice?
It depends. Each country has its diplomatic specifications which will be relayed to you by our team.

What’s the maximum and minimum age to be a volunteer?
All are welcome in all programs. The required age depends on the volunteer work chosen, but for persons under 18 we have group packages (starting at two persons) available, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

What will I do?
Whatever you want! Physical, intellectual, emotional work… Our partners need help in different areas, but we’ll help you identify which would fit your profile best.

Will VV stay in touch with me, keeping me informed about the organization I helped?
We are in constant communication with our NGO partners. Our blog is always updated with news from our humanitarian friends from all over the world.
We publish frequent updates and also some of the cooler experiences from the people that have participated in volunteer work worldwide.

Does VV offer any volunteer certificate after the trip?
Yes! When you return from your experience as a volunteer we deliver a certificate of good services rendered to mankind and the planet.