Caring for one of the cutest animals in the world: elephants! Only in Thailand!

Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches, ancient temples, friendly people and unforgettable cuisine! This explains somewhat why this country is Asia’s most visited and one of the main tourist destinations in the world.


In Thailand, the VV volunteer experience is one of the most surprising: caring for elephants! This project allows you to enter direct contact with these incredible and adorable animals, living the day-to-day of an authentic Thai community.


The country is home to about 3500 elephants, and the city of Chiang Mai was chosen to give our volunteers the best cultural experience in the country. Chiang Mai is a small touristic city in the “Golden Triangle”, an area along the Mekong river where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet. Hikes to tribal villages in the mountains will make your experience even more unforgettable.


In Thailand many elephants were captured in the jungles to work as farming animals, but this practice is currently severely condemned in the country. Since an adult elephant eats more than 400kgs of food per day, caring for them has become very expensive and their owners (known as Mahouts) are unable to sustain their animals adequately. With VV you will be able to work helping the Mahouts to sustain their elephants adequately, with professional guidance and much love. The NGO’s purpose is to care for these mistreated animals and to provide good quality of life to the Mahouts.


This is a beautiful experience where the volunteers learn to treat, bathe, walk and feed the elephants and also spend several days with the local caretakers and their families. An original way to get to know the typical day-to-day of the Thai. The volunteer will learn to cook with the locals, work in the farms, sail through the river, interact with the inhabitants, besides contributing to the adequate treatment of the elephants, insuring the well-being of the community for the coming years.


Besides all this, this NGO took pity on the various abandoned dogs present in Thailand’s streets. Abandoned and mistreated animals are rescued and receive all care at the NGO. Today, there are over 150 dogs that live in the project’s space, living in complete harmony (and much love) with their elephant friends! 😉


“The best experience of my life! Here we can care not just for the elephants, but for the dogs rescued from the street and support the local community. Thank you for the opportunity!”


Julia Clarinda, VV volunteer in January of 2015


VV in Thailand:

<3Sim, também tem filhotinho de elefante!

Yes, there are also elephant cubs for you to care for!

A ONG resgata e cuida de cães abandonados que ficam de vida boa até serem adotados.

The NGO rescues and cares for abandoned dogs, who stay there living the good life until they are adopted.

Mahout cuidando de mais um cãozinho resgato!

A mahout caring for another rescued dog!


Period: minimum of 7 days

Age: minimum of 18 years

Requirements: Yellow fever vaccine

More info:

Included in this program:

Registration fee  

Administrative expenses: marketing costs, administrative costs, VV’s travel costs, allowing us to constantly evaluate our programs, Costs related to communication with the volunteers, the country manager’s costs.  

Constant support from the VV team: 24/7 volunteer assistance  

A VV shirt  

Reception and assistance from our local partner  

Incoming and outgoing Chiang Mai – NGO transportation.  


Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

A complete folder, in a travel guide format, on Thailand, with information about the NGO, the country, vaccines, visa, culture and more.  

Contact for our local partner (e-mail and telephone), available 24h in case of an accident 

VV’s own fees and government related fees. 

Online training and assistance 

Volunteer and training certificates 


The airfare is not included.   

It is mandatory to travel with insurance. We are able to quote prices for travel insurance for the volunteer.