South Africa

Complete immersion in the nature of the African continent, be it while surfing the waves of J-Bay or while playing with lions!

A unique opportunity to explore the deserts, mountains, plains and other natural beauties of one the most developed and stable countries in Africa. And more: in this option of volunteer work done with VV’s partner in South Africa you adopt a wild animal from the region and care for it personally during your whole stay! A singular travel experience that allows you to dive deep into the pleasures and mysteries of Africa’s nature and to give a direct contribution to the local wildlife. And, since it’s South Africa, you’ll still be able to practice your English skills, go shopping, explore the local history (Mandela!), go on safaris and enjoy one of the most famous surfing peaks in the world: the perfect right handers of Jeffrey’s Bay!There’s still one really cool detail: after living through this unique experience you’ll still be able to keep in touch and accompany remotely the development of your “adoptive son”from Africa.


Period: minimum of 14 days.

Age: minimum of 18.

Requirements: none necessary.

More info:

Included in the program:

Registration fee

Constant support from the VV team

Accommodation at the NGO in a shared room

Three daily meals during the period of voluntary work

Airport – NGO transportation

VV’s country and NGO guidebook

A VV shirt

Our country manager’s costs

TV lounge

Guidance and supervision of the volunteer program

24/7 volunteer assistance

Administrative costs.

Costs related to communication with the volunteer.

Marketing costs.

–     VV’s travel costs, allowing us to constantly evaluate our programs

The airfare is not included.

It is mandatory to travel with travel insurance. We are able to quote prices for travel insurance for the volunteer.