We have three kinds of projects in Kenya: an orphanage, youth education at Kibera slum and empowerment for women and children with AIDS

Kenya is located in East Africa – a region of Africa bathed by the Indic Ocean – and is the most developed country in the region. Kenya is a former British colony, therefore the official languages are English and Swahili. A vast country with an exuberant nature, a joyful and young people, natural parks perfect for unforgettable safaris by the foot of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest peak in the African continent), which is close by, near the border with Tanzania.

We have two opportunities for Volunteer Work with VV’s partners in the country.


Volunteer at an Orphanage:

Sadly, Kenya has high rates of orphaned children, about 700 children per day, to a total of over two million in the whole country. By choosing this country as a destination for your vacations, you will be able to offer care and support, improvements in quality of life and educational activities to these children that are so in need of affection, attention and much love!

During this project, volunteers work on the front lines to feed and assist these forgotten ones. Children at these centers need your special incentive and direct stimulus to restore their hope in a better future! Your work on this project will be very challenging and certainly unforgettable!

“Besides being in contact with a new culture, what I liked the most was really feeling that I was helping. I learned much from each person, each child with which I was in contact. There’s a lot of work to be done with the children and certainly the volunteer work is very important to them.”

Sabrina Telles, VV volunteer


Volunteer at Kibera slum:


In Kenya lies the largest urban slum of Africa and one of the five largest in the world, Kibera slum, situated in Nairobi, the country’s capital. Over two million people live in this slum, youths who work, study and fight for survival. Through our local partner, you will be able to help these youths, aiding in the important daily work of a local public library. They built the Library of Kibera mainly for children and teenagers, but this place is also used as a production center for some of the most well-known artists of the community. You will be able to help in the promotion, filming and organization of the local musical groups. Your help, attention and knowledge will be fundamental for the cultural and intellectual development of the people who live in this enormous slum, seeking the development of their country and a change in their lives.


Volunteer with women and children with AIDS:


Kenya is, today, the fourth country most affected by AIDS in the world. Yearly, several people die or have their lives changed due to the virus. A major part of this population that is set aside by the society in which they live is composed of women and children. Our NGO partner aims to work with these persons by providing recovery, treatment and professional capacitation, so that they may have a better future. The VV volunteer will be able to work directly with these women and children, providing family care, encouraging female empowerment and aiding in the day-to-day of the NGO during visits to slums to recover these persons in need.


“I felt that I could contribute and that they are in great need. Not just for the basic, but of much love and care and attention for the kids. It was a very happy experience, rich with all types of feelings, personally and as volunteer work.”

Camila Assis, VV volunteer


VV in Kenya:



Period: minimum of 7 days

Age: minimum of 16 years

Requirements: Yellow fever vaccine and visa

More info:

Included in this program:

Registration fee 

Administrative expenses: marketing costs, administrative costs, VV’s travel costs, allowing us to constantly evaluate our programs, Costs related to communication with the volunteers, the country manager’s costs. 

Constant support from the VV team: 24/7 volunteer assistance 

A VV shirt 

Reception and assistance from our local partner 

Incoming and outgoing airport – accommodation transportation. 


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner (for the ORPHANAGE program) and breakfast and dinner (for the KIBERA and AIDS programs) 

A complete folder, in a travel guide format, on Kenya, with information about the NGO, the country, vaccines, visa, culture and more. 

Contact for our local partner (e-mail and telephone), available 24h in case of an accident

VV’s own fees and government related fees.

Online training and assistance

Volunteer and training certificates


The airfare is not included. 

It is mandatory to travel with insurance. We are able to quote prices for travel insurance for the volunteer.