Saving the life of rescued animals while enjoying the world’s most beautiful beaches in Bali

Indonesia is located between Southeast Asia and Australia, and has the world’s largest archipelago within its borders. Its location between two continents, Asia and Oceania, places Indonesia as a transcontinental nation, with unique characteristics that are able to mix the best of both worlds. That is, of both continents!   It is a politically and economically stable country and is the world’s 18th economy. Very rich culturally, it also possesses amazing beaches and is home to a warm-hearted, simple and loving people who loves receiving foreigners.


With VV you will have the chance to dedicate your time, energy and effort towards a project executed in partnership and direct contact with the local community, with a focus on the country’s native fauna. A great opportunity for cultural exchange, as well as getting to know one of the most beautiful places in the world and developing your solidarity.


Be a volunteer in Indonesia and help in the care of different types of primates and a variety of birds from the Indonesian flora. Due to its geographical location near the Philippines, the project’s location is prone to wildlife trafficking coming from Java, Sumatra and Borneo to the Philippines, China, Thailand and Japan. Without a sustainable rescue unit, the authorities would be incapable of dealing with these activities, as there is no purpose to crackdowns and animal confiscation without the capability for treatment and rehabilitation of trafficked animals. The institution where you will work was created exactly to help combat this illegal trade, to offer shelter to the rescued animals, a place where they might be cared for, rehabilitated, and returned to the wild.


Be a volunteer in a breathtaking scenario where you will have an important role as an animal protector, living – literally – in the wild.


Indonesia Volunteer in action



Period: minimum of 14 days

Age: minimum of 18 years

Requirements: Yellow fever vaccine

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Included in this program:

Registration fee 

Administrative matters: marketing costs, administrative costs, VV’s travel costs, allowing us to constantly evaluate our programs, Costs related to communication with the volunteers, the country manager’s costs. 

Constant support from the VV team: 24/7 volunteer assistance 

A VV shirt 

Reception and assistance from our local partner 


A complete folder, in a travel guide format, on Indonesia, with information about the NGO, the country, vaccines, visa, culture and more. 

Contact for our local partner (e-mail and telephone), available 24h in case of an accident. 

VV’s own fees and government related fees. 

Airport pick-up can be included for US$ 25, payment on pick-up.

Online training and assistance 

Volunteer and training certificates