A transformative experience in one of the most spiritual countries of the world.

India is located in the southern part of Asia between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean, and has one of the largest populations in the world. Since its nonviolent resistance for independence from the British in 1947, India became one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Yet it is still a place of profound inequality and hardship. A country of tropical landscapes and amazing temples that offers a diverse culture with 18 languages, a delicious gastronomy and several different and varied religions. In this charming and mysterious location, VV offers a unique human experience in a country that is a paragon in the field of spirituality: helping adults, the elderly, and street children from Delhi.

Being a volunteer in this project means having the incredible opportunity of both making a real difference on the lives – while also bringing smiles to their faces – of the main victims of the social inequality and the economic injustices which affect several countries across the globe, something which in India is becoming a cruel and serious problem.

There are about 100 million street children in India. With no access to schooling, they spend most of their time begging on street corners, suffering violence and mistreatment.  Adults who were abandoned by their relatives, senior citizens with health issues or persons who, due to some reason or other, had to make the streets their home find in our partner NGO a place where they can receive care and attention.

You can be that source of care in the lives of others. It will be enjoyable and enriching for you and for the ones who you will help!

Volunteer Vacations’ accessibility, clarification of questions and support were excellent! The experience of living with locals was amazing! Striving to help while experiencing the cultural differences was really incredible!”

Ragiane Ponciano, VV volunteer


Our VV volunteer Mauro Pestana in action at a homeless shelter in Delhi, India.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 13.49.28 Nosso voluntário VV Mauro Pestana em ação em um abrigo de moradores de rua em Déli, na Índia.



Period: minimum of 7 days

Age: minimum of 18 years

Requirements: Yellow fever vaccine and visa

More info:

Included in this program:

Registration fee 

Constant support from the VV team 

Accommodation at the NGO in a shared room 

Breakfast during the period of voluntary work 

Airport – NGO transportation 

VV’s country and NGO guidebook 

A VV shirt 

Our country manager’s costs 

Guidance and supervision of the volunteer program 

24/7 volunteer assistance 

Administrative costs. 

Costs related to communication with the volunteer. 

Marketing costs. 

VV’s travel costs, which allow us to constantly evaluate our programs 


The airfare is not included. 

It is mandatory to travel with travel insurance. We are able to quote prices for travel insurance for the volunteer.