Come make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people in an innovative program.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas and the focus of several humanitarian actions by the UN over time due to its conditions. In 2010 Haiti was hit by an earthquake which devastated the country and has made more than 150 thousand victims and put the country into an even more dire condition. More than 80% of Haiti’s population lives in poverty. One of the major problems of this population is the access to drinking water. At least 60% of Haitians drink contaminated water. Another major problem – especially with the recent disasters – is children living in extreme conditions. Unfortunately, in Haiti education is considered a rare privilege.

As a volunteer in VV’s NGO partner, you will have the opportunity to do volunteer work with the inhabitants of Canaan and Côte des Arcadins, in the country’s west. Canaan sits at the base of a mountain range located near the metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince. This region has become a major migratory destination after the earthquake. Since then Cannaan has become one of the largest homeless camps in the world, in addition to being the third largest agglomeration in Haiti, with over 200 thousand inhabitants. The region is marked by the complete absence of public services, extreme vulnerability, in addition to serious environmental and sanitation problems.

VV’s NGO Partner has programs in sports, education and environment. It hosts the headquarters of the Black Pearls soccer team, composed of young players under 17, under 15 and under 12, selected throughout the country by the NGO’s coaching staff. They are joined by youths from the region, including Canaan, Bon Repos and Cité Soleil, the largest slum in the country, located less than 20 minutes away.

As a volunteer you will be able to:

Participate in the athlete training at the Academy, helping, for instance, in physical, psychological and motivational preparation.

Assist in the organisation of sporting, civic and cultural activities for the communities of Canaan.

Take part in the environmental activities of the Academy and the school, such as environmental management of reforested areas, fish farming, knowledge of local species, cultivation and harvesting systems for the Moringa tree.

Providing classes on computing and the use of information technology resources, such as social networks, etc.

Participate in the Hospitality and Eco-Tourism classes held at Côte des Arcadins.

VV in Haiti:

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Period: minimum of 7 days

Age: minimum of 18 years

Requirements: none

More info:

Included in this program:

– Registration fee

– Administrative expenses: marketing costs, administrative costs, VV’s travel costs, allowing us to constantly evaluate our programs, Costs related to communication with the volunteers, the country manager’s costs.

– Constant support from the VV team: 24/7 volunteer assistance

– Guidance and supervision of the volunteer program

– A VV shirt

– Reception and assistance from our local partner

– Incoming and outgoing airport – accommodation transportation.

– Accomodation.

– Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

– A complete folder, in a travel guide format, on Haiti, with information about the NGO, the country, vaccines, visa, culture and more.

– The material utilized in the activities

– Contact for our local partner (e-mail and telephone), available 24h in case of an accident.

– VV’s own fees and government related fees.

– Incoming flight Acra – Kumasi

– Transfer from Kumasi airport – Accomodation – Kumasi airport.

– Online training and assistance

– Local administration costs

– Volunteer and training certificates

The airfare is not included.

It is mandatory to travel with insurance. We are able to quote prices for travel insurance for the volunteer.